To effect of the foreseen in the Constitutional law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Information of Personal Character, GESTINALIS informs the User of the existence of an automated file of information of personal character property of GESTINALIS S.L. with CIF B73501801, inscribed in the R.G.P.D. (General record of Protection of Information).

The mailing of information of personal character is obligatory to contact and to receive information about the products and services of GESTINALIS. Non-facilitating the requested personal details or non-accepting the present politics of protection of information supposes the inability to subscribe, to register or to receive information of the products and services of GESTINALIS.
In accordance with the established in the Constitutional law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Information of Personal Character, we inform you that the personal details that should be obtained as a result of your personal details mailing, will be incorporated into a file entitlement of GESTINALIS S.L., with CIF B73501801, established in Avenida Principal nº30 2ºE 30169 San Ginés Murcia (SPAIN), having implemented all the accident control measures established in the Royal decree 994/1999, of June 11.

El Usuario que envía la información a GESTINALIS es el único responsable de la veracidad y corrección de los datos incluidos, exonerándose GESTINALIS de cualquier responsabilidad al respecto. The User who sends the information to GESTINALIS is the only person in charge of the veracity and correction of the included information, GESTINALIS of any responsibility being exonerated on this matter.
The users guarantee and answer, in any case, of the accuracy, validity and authenticity of the facilitated personal details, and promise to keep them properly updated. The user accepts to provide finished and correct information in the form of record or subscription. GESTINALIS does not answer of the veracity of the informations that are not of proper making and of those that another source indicates, therefore it does not also assume any responsibility as for hypothetical damages that could originate for the use of the above mentioned information. Responsibility GESTINALIS is exonerated before any damage or damage that the User could suffer as a result of errors, defects or omissions, in the information facilitated by GESTINALIS whenever it comes from sources foreign to GESTINALIS.

The purposes of the data capture are: the development of activities and service of information about products of GESTINALIS.

GESTINALIS will not realize transfer of the information of the users to third. Nevertheless, in case of being transferred to some company an information before to the collection would take place requesting the express assent of the affected one.

You are able to direct communications and exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by mail: directed to GESTINALIS S.L. Avenida Principal nº30 2ºE 30169 San Ginés Murcia (SPAIN). To exercise the above mentioned rights and in fulfillment of the Instruction 1/1998, of January 19, of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Information, it is necessary that you credit its personality opposite to GESTINALIS by means of the mailing of photocopy of Identity card or any other valid way in Right.

GESTINALIS has adopted the Personal levels of safety of data protection legally required and gathered in the RD Accident control measures 994/1999. Nevertheless, we have other additional means, as they are firewalls from last generation, to part of technical measurements like software for the encryption of the confidential information and control of access to information of personal character, restricted users, safety politics, users and passwords that expire as demands the LOPD, and other systems faced to avoid the bad use, alteration, not authorized access and theft of the Personal details facilitated to GESTINALIS.
GESTINALIS will not be responsible for possible damages or damages that could stem from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operative functioning of this electronic system, motivated by causes foreign to GESTINALIS; of debts or blockades in the use of the present electronic system caused by shortcomings or surcharges of telephone lines or you overload in the C.P.D. (Data Processing Center ), in the Internet system or in other electronic systems, as well as of damages that could be caused by third persons by means of illegitimate interfering out of the GESTINALIS control.

The User declares to have been informed about the conditions about protection of information of personal character, accepting and withstanding the automated treatment of the same ones on the part of GESTINALIS, in the form and for the purposes indicated in the present Politics of Protection of Personal details.